Onist - Cashflow, Net Worth & Collaborative Family Finances

Onist makes collaborating around family finances easy.

We put families in control of their financial data, documents, and network all in one place.

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"We’ve been focused on privacy and security from day one. Keeping your personal and financial data safe is our first priority."

– Amit Bronner, Co-Founder and CTO

We put you in control of your family's finances in 3 ways:

1. See your family's finances in one place

Simplify your family’s financial life with a complete view of your full net worth including assets and liabilities - see your cash flow and transactions all together.

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Onist Document Vault

2. Store important documents in a secure and encrypted vault

Get your family prepared in case something happens to you. Upload legal and financial documents such as your will and insurance policies. Keep a record of your family's medical history, passwords, etc. in one place.



3. Share with family members and professional contacts

Get everyone involved in your finances on the same page - share your financial info with the family members who need it most, and choose which parts of your finances to give your financial professionals access to.

Onist Sharing and Collaboration between spouses

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