About us

About us

About us

Our mission

At Onist, we believe that collaborating and connecting with others is the key to success in life, and when it comes to your finances, that shouldn’t be any different. It’s for this reason that we created a platform that securely connects family members and their existing professionals around a complete view of their net worth including important financial documents.

Our vision

Onist aims to help make your financial life easier and more connected. Whether you’re married and want to get on the same page financially as your spouse, you’re taking on the massive responsibility of helping to manage your aging parent’s finances, or you’re a small business owner with a complex financial situation – Onist can help simplify your financial life.

The Onist team

The Onist founders

Brad Kotansky

Co-Founder and CEO

Amit Bronner

Co-Founder and CTO

Jamie Rubenovitch

Director of Marketing

Mike Costanzo

VP Product

Dima Boiko

UX Designer

Cynthia Au Yong

Product Owner

Ashwin Balamohan

Director of Engineering

Rayhaneh Banyassady

Software Engineer

Alex Hustler

Senior Software Engineer

Trang Lam

Software Engineer

Nikolas Leblanc

Lead Software Engineer

Anirudh Mangalvedhekar

Software Engineer

Jon Clarke

QA Lead

Nirusha Sabanathan

QA Analyst