About us

Our mission

At Onist, we believe that collaborating and connecting with others is the key to success in life, and when it comes to your finances, that shouldn’t be any different. It’s for this reason that we created a platform that securely connects family members and their existing professionals around a complete view of their net worth including important financial documents.

Our vision

Onist aims to help make your financial life easier and more connected. Whether you’re married and want to get on the same page financially as your spouse, you’re taking on the massive responsibility of helping to manage your aging parent’s finances, or you’re a small business owner with a complex financial situation – Onist can help simplify your financial life.

The Onist team

The Onist founders

Brad Kotansky

Co-Founder and CEO

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Brad grew up in Montreal, Canada. His passion for investing led him to Wall Street where he spent over a decade working as an investment banker, seed investor and hedge fund portfolio manager. In 2012, he founded a real estate development firm in Phoenix, Arizona, to capture opportunities from the real estate crisis of 2009. The portfolio of single-family homes he amassed was ultimately sold to a publicly traded REIT in 2013. Then in 2014, his father’s health started to deteriorate and he realized his mother was completely in the dark about their household finances. He had to take over managing his parents’ affairs from across the country, and he quickly realized there was no simple and effective way for families to collaborate around finances. He founded Onist to help solve this problem.

Amit Bronner

Co-Founder and CTO

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Amit Bronner brings to Onist 18 years of hands-on experience that includes lead roles in financial software analysis and development as well as artificial intelligence, information retrieval and natural language processing. As senior developer and system analyst for FIS Software (today Sapiens) Amit designed and built enterprise software solutions for life insurance, pension, annuity and investment products in France, Belgium, Netherlands and Israel. Amit holds a BA in Computer Science and Economics with Distinction from Tel-Aviv University and an MSc in Artificial Intelligence with Distinction from the University of Amsterdam. Amit has led the development of a European applied research project that built a framework for multilingual content synchronization.