interviews Onist CEO interviews Onist CEO’s Gary Barg interviewed Brad Kotansky, Onist’s CEO, on how he came up with the idea for Onist and how Onist is helping caregivers:

“Brad Kotansky: To have a plan, two things need to happen. You need to be organized and you need to have access to information. And information is not just financial data. My mother didn’t know where the bank account and credit cards were. She didn’t know the accountant and lawyer that were working for them personally. She didn’t know about the professionals that were working on my dad’s business. She knew nothing about their financial life. She didn’t have access to the will. She didn’t know if there was a Power of Attorney. The life insurance existed, but no one knew where the policy was.

My dad had done some great things about being organized and having a successful business, but no one knew these details but him. So, just getting other people access to that information is key. The sadness of losing a partner compounded by the mess of unraveling the finances is excruciating and there are tens of millions of people around the world and millions in the United States that go through that every year.”