How do you pronounce ‘Onist’?

Onist is pronounced like the word “honest” because we believe your finances need open and honest communication and collaboration. You can read more about how we came up with this name here.

What does Onist cost?

All Onist users receive a free 30-day trial. After the trial period, your Onist Family Plan costs $100/year – which comes to $8.33/month, less than the cost of 2 lattes! You can cancel and delete all of your data anytime and we will refund your unused time for the rest of the year.

Do I have to share everything, or can I just parts of my account with someone?

We understand that privacy is very important to you, so we’ve made sure you can share just the piece that you want. You can share individual accounts or files from your vault, or you can choose to share your entire vault or net worth – it’s up to you! You can also change or completely remove someone’s permission to view or edit your account at any time.

Is my financial information safe in Onist?

Onist stores your personal and financial information in 2 separate databases making your information even more secure than most financial institutions and financial applications. You can read more about our privacy and security here.

How does Onist secure my important information?

Onist was developed from the start with privacy-by-design principles. We make sure only you own and control your data, and we secure it in a number of ways: 1) server and database security, 2) de-identification so different parts of your data are stored in different places, 3) three levels of data encryption, and 4) our security partners – you can read more about each of these here: https://onist.com/security-and-privacy.