Globe and Mail suggests Onist for end of life planning

Globe and Mail suggests Onist for end of life planning

Rob Carrick from the Globe and Mail wrote about Onist as a solution that can help families make sure their loved ones could figure out their finances if they died:

“The savvier you are with money, the harder it will be for your family to make sense of your savings, investments, insurance and more if you get sick or die suddenly.

Having accounts at various banks, investment firms and insurance companies may give you great value, but each is a puzzle unto itself for your family or survivors. They must first locate the account, then establish how much is in it.

A reader recently asked: “As a recent retiree I’ve been trying to amalgamate and simplify my financial life, but now realize that my family would likely need to spend significant time figuring out my assets and debts if/when anything were to happen to me. Any suggestions on a secure way to make information accessible to them?”

Here’s a thought. A new online service called Onist (pronounced “honest”) offers a way to consolidate all your financial information in one secure place and share it to whatever degree you want.”

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