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Onist connects families around their finances.

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How it works

Connect your bank accounts

Your account balances and transactions are updated automatically every day after you’ve connected an account once.

Upload important documents

We let you upload key documents to one central place, encrypting each one and securely storing it.

Share with family and professionals

Add your family members and professionals, then give them full or partial access to your data and documents.

See your full net worth

Stop searching through your drawers and folders, don’t worry about remembering the password for each of your different bank accounts. Simply see everything all in one place.

Monitor your transactions

Monitor and track your spending across all of your accounts and spending categories. And your accounts automatically update every time you sign in to show you current information and transactions.

Secure document vault

Store your important documents like a will, insurance policy, house deed, etc. in your secure vault, then share files or entire folders with family members and your financial professionals, as needed.

Start collaborating

Share parts or all of your financial picture with your spouse or advisors to get your whole family working towards the same financial goals. And get notifications when anyone updates your accounts.

Privacy and security mean 2 different things to us

We created a robust security architecture from day one, using industry best practices and a security framework that features layers of data protection to keep your information safe. We make sure that your data is not accessible or readable by hackers, our hosting partners or even our own employees. Learn more

We’re obsessed with keeping your data private, that’s why we created Onist using privacy-by-design principles. You always own your data and we will never sell it to anyone. Learn more

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