Finovate features Onist and its partnership with Quovo

Finovate features Onist and its partnership with Quovo

Finovate recently featured Onist and discussed its partnership with Quovo.

Collaborative financial management platform Onist announced it is teaming with financial account analysis company Quovo. Onist will leverage Quovo’s data to provide a more reliable financial picture to its Canadian clients, making it the first company in Canada to use Quovo’s services.

The collaboration will allow Onist to pull in details from new Canadian accounts, credit unions, investment accounts, as well as common bank accounts, and credit cards. The Onist platform will provide a single place where consumers and authorized third party professionals can get a comprehensive view of their net worth and cash flow. By aggregating this data and facilitating access, Onist and Quovo aim to help clients make better informed decisions.

In the press release, Onist CEO Brad Kotansky said, “Onist is all about helping families and their advisors collaborate around household finances – and having access to your complete, reliable Canadian financial data is key to that. We are thrilled to partner with Quovo and feel strongly that we can help bring Canadians the same financial insight Americans have had for years. There’s never been a better time for Canadian families to be able see and digest all of their important financial information in one place.”

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