Longevity focused Stria interviews Onist

Longevity focused Stria interviews Onist

Onist CEO Brad Kotansky spoke with Stria, a media site focused on the longevity market, about his caregiving experience and how it led him to co-found Onist:

“Brad Kotansky the 42-year-old founder of Onist, a collaboration platform for household finances, discovered opportunity the hard way: through a family crisis.

After working in finance and hedge funds for 25 years, Kotansky and his wife moved from New York to Arizona. But Kotansky was grappling with a serious family challenge. His father, who lived in Montreal, started to rapidly decline, seemingly from Alzheimer’s. The Canadian-born Kotansky tried to manage family affairs from afar.

Brad thought it would be easy to figure out his dad’s financial affairs since he had worked on Wall Street, but it wasn’t. He called up his mother and she knew nothing. It was a very stressful time.”

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