Onist featured in The Jewish Lady blog

Onist featured in The Jewish Lady blog

Victoria from The Jewish Lady blog looked at Onist and how it can help families:

“It’s been said many times that money is the number one cause of marital problems. Spouses who can’t agree on money are less happy and may find themselves fighting often. If it gets bad enough, a divorce could result from constant disagreements and a lack of trust.

While I’m blessed to have open communication with my husband overall, money is an area we have definitely squabbled over, mainly because we have different attitudes; I am hyper-organized while he is very laidback. I like to look for sales, use coupons, and track spending. He, on the other hand, doesn’t pay attention to prices, charges things constantly at full price, and often forgets to tell me what he buys.

Onist, a new program designed to help families with their finances, was the answer to our prayers.”

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