Three New Financial Apps & Services

Three New Financial Apps & Services

Onist was listed as one of three new financial services to check out in J. Money’s Budgets are Sexy blog:

“Got a few new financial apps to pass by you this fine beautiful hump day. Some of these I recently took on as new consulting clients because I love what they’re about, and others I have no relationship with but just think are dope. Take a look and see if any of them might help you!

I’ll add some other companies we’ve featured in recent months as well in case you missed them… I don’t tend to do many FinTech roundups, but trying to be better about it as I know many of you like ’em.

#3. Onist–>

Now these guys I don’t have a relationship with, but I think they’re up to something really cool and I’m interested in watching how they do over time.”

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