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It’s time for open, ‘onist’ conversations about money.

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of spouses are in the dark about their family finances


adults will need to manage their parent’s finances


of couples have fights about money every month

Why is sharing financial information important?


It’s important to get on the same page today, and plan for the future as a family.

  • Get on the same page with your spouse so you understand your family’s net worth and track spending.
  • Allow your loved ones to access your financial account information so they’re prepared if something were to happen to you.


As our parents age, getting their finances in order becomes more important.

  • Your aging parents can share their financial accounts and documents with you so you can help monitor as they become less able to manage their finances.
  • You can also create a ‘household’ for your parents within your Onist account where you can manage their finances with their advisors.


Being comfortable talking about money starts at home with kids.

  • Have a joint account with your child? Give them access to see the funds in their school account when they’re buying books for the semester.
  • Store and share important documents with them using Onist’s secure vault, for example educational tax forms.

Financial professionals

Give your professionals access to the information they need.

  • Help the professionals who serve you do their best work by seeing the full picture and adding important documents to your vault.
  • Help your professionals work collaboratively around a complete view of your family’s financial picture.
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